President Donald Trump says additional call logs will be released

Trump digs in, hits at House Democrats.

President Donald Trump is taking aim at Democrats, saying Saturday that he plans to release additional calls made with the president of Ukraine.

“They want to have a transcript of the other call, the second call, and I’m willing to provide that,” the President told reporters Saturday before boarding Air Force One. “You’ll read the second call, and you’ll tell me if there’s anything wrong with it.”

The announcement comes as Trump said he first spoke with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in April. Just months later the president spoke with President Zelensky again, a call that is now under the watchful eye of House Democrats, who have since launched an impeachment inquiry.

Trump’s announcement was met with skepticism from House Democrats, including Rep. Adam Schiff.

Schiff said on Saturday that the Intelligence Committee “is evaluating the Minority’s witness requests and will give due consideration to witnesses within the scope of the impeachment inquiry, as voted on by the House.”