What China is doing with its currency

This was to avoid severe devaluation of not more than 2% from its initial daily value.

China has decided to have a more market approach to its currency. In the past, the Chinese Government has intervened directly to determine the value of the Yuan by buying and selling the currency to stabilize it. This was to avoid severe devaluation of not more than 2% from its initial daily value.

The new approach, though, means that the communist country will now allow the market forces- supply and demand, to dictate the value of the Yuan. Immediately after that announcement, the currency devalued.

This is not a bad thing for China though as it means the Country’s exports become cheaper compared to other Countries giving China an upper hand in the markets and as critics put it, an unfair advantage.

The Government of China pleaded its innocence, though, claiming it was just complying with demands from the International Monetary Fund(I.M.F), and the US Treasury to allow market forces to determine the value of the Yuan.

As well as also trying to make the Yuan an official currency on the international markets and an additional choice for international transactions to the dollar.

The situation was captured well by the L.A Times editorial which wrote. “If China wants to elevate the Yuan as a global currency, it has to stop surprising the world with dramatic shifts in monetary policy.”

To help steady the Yuan without buying and selling, China has also been trying to balance the use of the Yuan in-house, and also avoid too much money from leaving the country, which a tricky balancing act.

Taylor Swifts ex-boyfriend arrested in bar brawl

John Conor Kennedy, who is the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy was arrested following a fight outside a nightclub in Aspen.

John Conor Kennedy, who is the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy was arrested following a fight outside a nightclub in Aspen. According to local authorities in Aspen, 22-year-old John, who prefers to be called Conor, was charged with disorderly conduct about the fight outside the Bootsy Bellows nightclub.

Taylor Swift who was four years older at the time of the relationship that barely lasted three months split with John over what close friends claimed to be ‘getting too serious, too fast’ on Taylors part and an obsession with the Kennedy family.

According to Aspen Police Department, officers were dispatched to the area at 1.40am over a report that a patron had refused to leave the club.

Aspen Assistant Bill Linn said, “While officers were on the scene dealing with that situation, they witnessed a fight occurring on the street in front of the bar. Officers tried to separate the two men who were rolling on the ground.”

According to a press release from the Aspen PD, Kennedy fell into a ‘snowbank’ while officers were trying to break up the fight, and it took the intervention of a bystander to help the officers restrain Kennedy as he was resisting the break-up. He was charged with disorderly conduct and was issued a summon to appear in court on February 22nd. The charge carries a sentence of up to a year in jail or a fine of up to 2,000 dollars.

Mysterious clouds spotted on Saturn’s moon Titan

The mystery deepens further owing to the proximity of both cameras, yet the images are entirely different.

On June 7th and 25th, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft flew over Titan, and its cameras were able to capture images of thin wispy clouds under the overcast conditions of Saturn’s moon, Titan. Using the crafts Imaging Science Subsystem(ISS), and Visual and Infrared Spectrometer(VIMS), only the latter managed to see through the moon’s hazy atmosphere and capture infrared shots of the clouds over Titan.

The image shows extensive cloud cover on both dates and the clouds were only caught in the VIMS image but not the ISS. And this is what is baffling to NASA.

The mystery deepens further owing to the proximity of both cameras, yet the images are entirely different.

A statement released by NASA after the astonishing discover tried to explain the phenomenon, “Even though the images were taken at different wavelengths, researchers would expect at least a hint of the clouds to show the ISS image. Thus, they have been trying to understand what’s behind the difference”. The statement adds, “The answer as to what may be causing the discrepancy, appears to lie on Titan’s hazy atmosphere, which is easier to see through a longer wavelength that VIMS is sensitive to”.

The ISS camera can capture images through visible wavelengths of light and some infrared and ultra-violet wavelengths, but the ISS did not capture the cloud cover. The distance of the ISS camera was 640,000 kilometers while the VIMS image was captured from 45,000 kilometers. The VIMS image obtained was further, and bright clouds are visible in Titan’s Northern skies.

Carrie Fisher in stable condition after heart attack on plane

Carrie Fisher is in the hospital after suffering a heart attack while on board a flight on Friday.

Fisher, who is 60 years of age, was on her way from London, England to Los Angeles, California when she went into cardiac arrest. The flight was 11 hours long. After the plane landed, Fisher was reported by media outlets to have been rushed to the hospital. The Los Angeles Fire Department confirmed to PEOPLE that an anonymous patient was treated for cardiac arrest on a plane inbound from London. According to her brother, Todd Fisher, and the Associated Press, Carrie is now out of the emergency room and in stable condition in a Los Angeles area hospital.

“She is in the intensive care unit, she is being well looked after,” elaborated Todd during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “If everyone could just pray for her that would be good. The doctors are doing their thing and we don’t want to bug them. We are waiting by patiently. We don’t know. We hope for the best. We certainly do not know her condition, that’s why she is in ICU. I’m sure everyone wants to speculate, but now is not the time for that.”

The Los Angeles Times reported that Fisher was in critical condition. TMZ reported that Fisher was on a ventilator and revealed images of her daughter, Billie Lourd, and her dog, Gary, visiting the hospital.

“Everybody’s praying for her,” said Todd to Variety. “There’s nothing new from the doctors …  There’s no good news or bad news.”


Nigeria claims to have crushed Boko Haram

President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, claimed on Saturday that Boko Haram has been defeated.

According to Buhari, Nigerian state forces defeated the Islamic extremist group at their hidden “Camp Zero” encampment in Sambisa Forest in northeast Nigeria. Buhari admitted that they had not found the young school girls who were kidnapped by the militant group in 2014. It is believed that the over 200 girls from the school in Chibok, Nigeria are still alive in the forest. Their abduction started an international social media campaign called #BringBackOurGirls.

“Further efforts should be intensified to locate and free our remaining Chibok girls still in captivity,” said Buhari. “May God be with them.”

Buhari claimed that the back of the Islamic extremist group had been broken during the Friday encounter. The victory announcement came with a word of caution as well, however. Buhari warned the Nigerian government military to remain vigilant in order to defend the country against scattered attacks from the group. There is great concern with the decentralization of the group that there may be an uptick in individual suicide bombings attacks on villages and small military outposts in other parts of the country.

Boko Haram is a group that was ranked the most dangerous terror organization in the world in 2015 by the Global Terrorism Index. According to varying reports, the group may have upwards of 20,000 soldiers in its ranks. Formerly, the group was tied to Al-Qaeda, but more recently it has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.


Lucy Hale tells photo leaker to kiss her ass

Lucy Hale delivered a message to the person who leaked a topless photo of her.

Lucy Hale delivered a message to the person who leaked a topless photo of her.

The 27 year old actress of Pretty Little Liars fame, was outspoken about the invasion of her privacy. There has been in uptick recently in nude pictures being leaked of celebrity female stars especially. In 2014, Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kirsten Dunst all had topless photographs leaked as a result of the invasive celebrity iCloud hack.

 “Well, I wasn’t going to comment on something so ridiculous, but since 2017 is gonna be all about speaking my truth…I’m going to say something. Once again, a woman in the public eye was violated, stolen from and her private life and body were exposed for anyone to see,” wrote Hale on Thursday. “I will not apologize for living my life and having a personal life that is all mine. It’s truly unfortunate that being exposed in this way is allowed.”

Hale also thanked all of her fans for supporting her in her decision to speak out and for offering her condolences.

“Thank you for all the sweet, supportive message I’ve been receiving,” continued Hale. “It was a much needed reminder that I’m surrounded by so much love. I appreciate you all very much,” she added. “And to whoever did this…kiss my ass.”

TMZ reported on Wednesday that Marty Singer, lawyer for Hale, had sent a threatening letter to Celeb Jihad. Celeb Jihad is a website that shares nude photographs of celebrities.

Evidence suggest that a dinosaur shed its teeth to form a beak

But the odd thing about the skull was one, had teeth, and the other had a beak.

With scientists only relying on fossils that may be highly distorted due to the aging. Researchers discovered two distinct skulls that they believed to have belonged to the Limusaurus inextricably around 150 million years ago. This is the group of dinosaurs that the T-Rex belonged to.

But the odd thing about the skull was one, had teeth, and the other had a beak. Scientists thought it was of two distinct species. However, after a bit more investigation, they noticed that the fossils were identical except the teeth.

They later discovered that the teeth belonged to a much younger Limusaurus inextricabilis. This led them to conclude that the young had teeth. This is an adaptive character, not seen in any animal during that time. Today it is present is some animals like fish.

“Initially, we believed that we found two different ceratosaurian dinosaurs from the Wucaiwan area, one toothed and the other toothless, and we even started to describe them separately,” said Shuo Wang of Capital Normal University in Beijing, China, who led the research. “Up until now, who would have thought that there were dinosaurs that had teeth as babies, started to lose them as they grew up and then ended up as toothless adults with beaks?”

The scientist says that he believed that the young had the teeth because they were omnivorous. The rapacious nature gave them a chance to survive as they offered them a wider range of foods. As they grow up, they better adapted to plants as they lost their teeth and formed a beak.

Delta passengers react to Adam Saleh controversy

Passengers on board the “Adam Saleh” Delta flight are responding to the controversy.

Passengers on board the Delta flight from which YouTube prankster, Adam Saleh, was removed are speaking out with their opinion on his removal from the plane. Saleh, in a video that went viral and inspired a boycott Delta hashtag, claimed that he was being removed for speaking Arabic. 20 passengers on the plane complained that the behavior of Saleh, who Delta claims was loud and provocative, was making them uncomfortable.

“I was sitting towards the front of the plane and just heard a lot of commotion actually,” said passenger Jacqueline Willemsen. “When he came up to the front he was just screaming that it was an injustice and that he was being kicked off for speaking loudly in Arabic. To be really honest it seemed like more of a scene than anything that actually happened.”

“I think the guy was giving a bit of a prayer, just before take off, which is not unusual. Somebody heard him speaking in Arabic and I think reported him,” said passenger Chris Ashford. “Whether Delta performed or acted in the manner they were supposed to, I’m assuming, for protocol, yes. There definitely seemed to be a bit of a misunderstanding.”

“It was clear that this guy knew what he was doing, because as he was leaving the plane he would stop, he would kind of make eye-contact with people. He would say ‘Delta, Delta is kicking me off the plane.’ He wasn’t alone, he was travelling with somebody else,” said Rev. Karen Georgia Thompson told CBS News.

Delta defends removing YouTube star from flight

Delta Airlines is defending the decision of its crew to remove Adam Saleh from a flight.

YouTube prankster, Saleh posted a social media video of himself being removed from the plane by its crew on Wednesday. After his removal from the plane, Saleh continued to update his social media, stating that his luggage was rechecked by NSA before he was allowed to get on a later flight. According to Saleh, the reason for his being removed from the plane was that he was speaking Arabic to his mother, who only speaks Arabic.

Delta, however, claims that Saleh and a companion were attempting to disrupt the cabin.

“Maintaining a safe, comfortable and orderly onboard environment is paramount for every flight and requires the cooperation of all of our customers in conjunction with adherence to directions from our crew members. This is a Delta policy and is required by U.S. regulations as well as others governing aviation worldwide,” read a statement released by Delta. “Two customers were removed from Delta flight 1 departing London-Heathrow today after a disturbance in the cabin resulted in more than 20 customers expressing their discomfort. We have spoken with the customers who were removed; they were rebooked on another flight. Plans are in place to immediately speak with our crew and other passengers when the flight lands this afternoon. We will provide an update once we have more information.”

After interviewing the flight crew, Delta determined that Saleh and his companion were exhibiting provocative behavior and shouting before the plane took off which violated Delta policy.


Kim and Kanye make first public appearance since the mental breakdown

The tabloids reported if she did not show off her wealth, then the thieves would not know what she had and therefore what to target, blaming her for the attack.

It has been a tough year for the celebrity couple. Earlier this year Kim was robbed in her hotel room and left by the thieves shaken and scared for her life. She was robbed of over $5million. But that was not the story that did the major rounds. Instead, people focused on her flaunting her wealth on social media and the public. The tabloids reported if she did not show off her wealth, then the thieves would not know what she had and therefore what to target, blaming her for the attack.

Just as they started recovering from this situation, Kanye went through a mental breakdown while on tour. He went on a full out rant touching on everything. He attended the concert late infuriating the screaming fans. But after getting on stage, he went on a five-minute rant before getting off and leaving the fans stunned. The organization had to refund the fans after the ordeal.

He checked himself in the hospital and has been receiving treatment ever since. The celebrity couple’s marriage was thought to be on the rocks due to all the ordeals. But after stepping out together, they seek to show that their marriage is just as strong.

“Kim and Kanye appeared very sweet together and were very much together,” said an inside source close to the couple to E!News. “Material things mean nothing. It’s not all about the money. It’s not worth it.”
The couple promised to keep on the down low until everything went back to the truck. Kanye is said to have fully rested and already started light projects, but nothing that would stress him out.