Adam Levine will pay for the funeral of Christina Grimmie

Voice celebrity coach, Adam Levine, is set to pay for the funeral of Christina Grimmie.

Voice celebrity coach, Adam Levine, is set to pay for the funeral of Christina Grimmie.

Grimmie, who was shot fatally at her final concert in Orlando, Florida on Saturday, participated in the sixth season of The Voice. Levine was her celebrity coach.

Levine signed Grimmie to his music label, 222 records, following the competition two years ago and has remained close to her since.

“Behati and I are absolutely devastated and heartbroken by Christina Grimmie’s death. Our hearts go out to her family,” tweeted Levine.
“[Adam Levine] personally called my mother and said he will pay for the funeral and her plane flight,” claimed an overwhelmed Marcus Grimmie, the brother of Christina, who tackled her attacker after the shooting.
A rep for Levine confirmed that the former Maroon Five singer would be paying for the funeral.
Manager for Grimmie, Brian Teefey, began a GoFundMe page to fund the  expenses of her family.
“[The money is] to help our family move out of our current house and to take care of the funeral,” posted Marcus on Facebook.
“Please do not feel the need to donate anything at all,” continued Marcus. “Please, just leave a kind word, message or picture in the comments or message me and sign this petition to help Christina possible be remembered in the next legend of Zelda game, her favorite game of all time.”
As of Monday, the GoFundMe had accrued almost $172 thousand in donations.
“Words cannot express…literally I have no words,” remarked Marcus.

OJ Simpson wants paternity test to prove that Khloe is his daughter

OJ and Kris Jenner have always been thought to have had a closer than friends’ type of relation. Kris had admitted before that she was unfaithful to the deceased Robert Kardashian for years. However, she did not say she was unfaithful with who.

OJ was tried in 1998 on suspicion for killing his wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman. OJ and the Kardashians were so close that his famous Louis Vinton bag is still believed to be in the Kardashian’s possession.

However, rumors that Khloe wasn’t really a Kardashian surfaced in 2009 when Khloe openly admitted that she might be adopted. Rumors of her being the Daughter to OJ quickly surfaced due to her curly and dark hair.

OJ has now asked Khloe to come to his prison and do a paternity test to prove once and for all if he is the father. He would like her to come in person and show him a little respect as well as talk about a few things.

“OJ will do it, and the prison officials have told him they will allow it. It’s just a quick mouth swab, and they would allow it to happen during a visit,” said Jeffrey Felix a former prison warden at Lovelock prison and confidant to OJ.

However, Kris Jenner called the rumors baseless lies. She insisted that Khloe was a Kardashian. She said she was there when Khloe was being made and gave birth to her, so she knows the father.

Kim Kardashian admits to going through the O.J. Simpson Louis Vuitton bag

Kim Kardashian admitted that she went through the infamed O.J. Simpson Louis Vuitton bag.

Kim Kardashian admitted that she went through the infamed O.J. Simpson Louis Vuitton bag.

Kardashian was nonchalant when referring to the bag, which Simpson left at the home of her father, Robert Kardashian, chronologically after the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

Although it never happened in real life, in the hit FX series, American Crime Story: The People vs O.J. Simpson, Robert Kardashian went through the bag.

“The news was like, Where is this Louis Vuitton bag? And I’m like, Oh, it’s upstairs…. I’m pretty sure it’s, like, still in—probably in my dad’s storage,” said Kardashian of the bag.

Kardashian said she went through the bag as a teenager due to curiosity.

“Just toiletries and clothes and golf clothes. Just random stuff,” responded Kim when asked what was uncovered by her investigative efforts.

Kardashian has expressed her distaste with the portrayal of the Kardashian family in the FX series, although she admits to having enjoyed watching the show in general.

“I don’t think those parts were accurate,” complained Kardashian of the series. “I think our ages were off and our looks were off. [The show] said [O.J.] tried to kill himself in my bedroom, and it was Khloe [Kardashian]’s bedroom, not my bedroom.”

Khloe concurred with the sentiments from Kim.

“Not all the facts are accurate,” said Khloe. “Like when O.J. was contemplating suicide, it was in my room and not Kim’s room. They’re kind of sensationalizing the Kardashian name in it, but I think to bring the younger audience in.”

Jimmy Page claims not to have stolen “Stairway” riff

Led Zeppelin guitarist, Jimmy Page, is defending the originality of the Zeppelin hit song, “Stairway to Heaven”.

Led Zeppelin guitarist, Jimmy Page, is defending the originality of the Zeppelin hit song, “Stairway to Heaven”.

Page took the stand in a copyright lawsuit on Wednesday to defend Led Zeppelin against claims that they stole the opening guitar riff for their uber popular hit song.

Page claimed that he had never heard the song from which he is alleged to have stolen. The song, “Taurus”, by the band Spirit, was not a well known song until online forums brought up the similarities of the two songs.

“I knew I had never heard that before,” promised Page of “Taurus” in a packed courtroom. “It was so unusual I know I would have remembered hearing it.”

Although he claimed to have never heard the song, Page did admit to having a copy of the Spirit album, Spirit and Clear, which contains “Taurus”.

Being questioned by the estate of Spirit front man, writer, and guitarist, Randy Wolfe, Page claimed to have found the album among a collection of over four thousand other albums only after he heard of the song on the internet.

Page claimed that he did not know how he acquired the album. He is joined by Led Zeppelin front man, Robert Plant, in the copyright case.

Wolfe, who is represented by Francis Malofiy, claims to have written the song “Taurus”, an instrumental track, for the Spirit and Clear album in 1968, years before Page wrote the music for “Stairway to Heaven.”

Scientists discover how to grind more flavor from coffee beans

Coffee is the most popular drink in the world. 80 percent of Americans consume the drink. Two million tons of coffee are consumed in America alone every year. However, the makers of the drink are always looking for ways to make the drink more flavored.

Christopher Hendon, a Ph.D. student at the University of Bath, has discovered that chilling the coffee beans before grinding will help bring out more flavor. The scientist explained by freezing the coffee it acquires a fragile glass-like state that grinds to smaller particles.

The smaller particles have a bigger surface area and dissolve better, giving the coffee a deeper flavor. “If you have small grinds you can push flavor extraction upwards. Explained, Christopher Hendon. We found that chilling the beans tightens up this process and can give higher extractions with less variance in the taste, so you would have to brew it for less time, or could get more coffee from the same beans.”

He also stated that his discovery will help reduce the amount of coffee wastage. More of the coffee will be dissolved, leading to less use of the coffee in amount. This will bring both economic and flavor, value to the coffee.

The scientist believes that if the method is the integrated into the coffee making process, it will be above to save the industry millions of dollars every year with less wastage of the coffee beans being experienced.

The understanding of physics makes cats the best hunters

Saho Takagi, a scientist with his team from the University of Kyoto, conducted experiments with 30 cats.

Cats, ranging from the domesticated feline to the mighty savanna lion, are termed as one of the best hunters on the planet. Evolution has helped them to a great extent achieve this fit, with powerful limbs and jaws. However, it seems that their basic understanding of physics has played a role just as significant.

Saho Takagi, a scientist with his team from the University of Kyoto, conducted experiments with 30 cats. They put the cats in a room and placed a box in its vicinity. The box either contained an object or was empty.

The Scientists shock both boxes as the felines stared at the boxes. The Boxes with objects inside made sounds when shaken, and those without did not. The researchers observed that the cats stared longer at the boxes with the object as inside than once without.

They took the experiment a step further and tilted the boxes in front of the cats after removing the object inside. The cats looked at the boxes which had prior had objects inside with more anticipation. The cats knew that since the boxes had something inside the object would have to drop out of the box if tilted. This proved that cats understood causal-logical one of the fundamental core concepts in physics.

“The results suggest that cats used a causal-logical understanding of auditory stimuli to predict the appearance of invisible objects,” said Saho Takagi. “The ecology of cats’ natural hunting style may favor the ability for inference on the basis of sounds.”

Understanding basic physics may be a unique skill that cats have used to become such excellent hunters. Understanding how physical forces work and how to use them to their advantage may help them move quicker and hunter with m0ore intelligence.

Dr. Dre and 50 Cent sued over hit single, P.I.M.P.

Dr. Dre and 50 Cent have been sued over their hit single, “P.I.M.P.”

Dr. Dre and 50 Cent have been sued over their hit single, “P.I.M.P.”

Andre “Dr. Dre” Young and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson III have been named by music producer, Brandon Parrott, who claims in legal documents that he is the original producer of the hit song.

In the legal documents, which were obtained by TMZ, Parrott claims that in 2001 he sent 10 instrumental tracks to Dr. Dre in the hopes that the producer might like one and pass it on to one of his Aftermath Entertainment music artists to use as a song.

Two years later, 50 Cent released his six times platinum selling album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ on Aftermath. The album featured, as a single, “P.I.M.P.”, which became a remix that peaked at number three on the U.S. Hot 100.

According to Parrott, after the success of the song, a music executive from Aftermath Entertainment contacted him and admitted that one of the 10 tracks sent by Parrott (specifically “BAMBA”) was sampled in the creation of “P.I.M.P.”

Parrott allegedly accepted a settlement after being assured that the sampler did not know that “BAMBA” was going to end up in the final edit of the song.

After hearing interviews with Dr. Dre and others concerning the creation of the hit song, Parrott now believes that he was taken advantage of. He has sued for an unspecified amount in royalties.

The remix of the song has reached top 10 status on international charts and was certified Gold by RIAA for having sold more than 500 thousand copies.


Actor Anton Yelchin dies at 27

Actor, Anton Yelchin, has been confirmed killed in a car accident.

Actor, Anton Yelchin, has been confirmed killed in a car accident.

Yelchin, 27, was best known for playing Pavel Chekov in the updated Star Trek film franchise and will be in the upcoming Star Trek Beyond, which will open July 22.

“All of us at Paramount join the world in morning the untimely passing of Antony Yelchin. As a member of the Star Trek family, he was beloved by so many and he will missed by all. We share our deepest condolences with his mother, father and family,” lamented Paramount Pictures, which produces the Star Trek franchise.

The accident that killed the actor occurred at approximately one o’clock Sunday morning in Studio City, Los Angeles, according to Jennifer Allen, publicist for Yelchin.

Yelchin was reportedly on his way to meet some friends for a rehearsal. Those friends went to find the actor when they could not get in touch with him. Yelchin was found pinned between his car and a mailbox pillar.

“It appears he momentarily exited his car and it rolled backward, causing trauma that led to his death,” explained Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman, Jenny Houser.

Yelchin was slated to appear in a DirecTV and Audience Network collaborative adaptation of the Stephen King story, Mr. Mercedes, as a mentally deranged ice cream truck driver and IT worker who turns out to be a secret killer.

Yelchin began acting as a child and has ranged from smaller independent films to Steven Spielberg blockbusters.



Calvin Harris puts end to Rihanna rumors

Scottish DJ, Calvin Harris, put an end to rumors that he might be dating Rihanna.

Scottish DJ, Calvin Harris, put an end to rumors that he might be dating Rihanna.

The rumors began to swirl after Calvin Harris, whose real name is Adam Richard Wiles, posted behind the scenes photographs of the Bajan songstress on the set of their collaborative music video.

After Harris posted on Twitter, TMZ took his tweet, “F R I D A Y @rihanna,” and explicitly hinted at their newfound relationship.

“Calvin Harris – Rihanna’s Next For Me!!” read the headline from TMZ. The headline referred to the recent break up between Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift.

After Swift was video recorded dancing with actor, Tom Hiddleston, Calvin Harris deleted all evidence of their relationship from his Instagram. He also wore Yeezus shoes by Kanye West, who has a long, torrid history with Swift.

“Lol I said the VIDEO dammit smh,” responded Calvin Harris when he saw the TMZ headline saying that he called Rihanna sexy.

The uber popular DJ has found himself in the rumor mill as dating a bevy of starlets after his break up with Swift. One other prominent rumor was that he was getting back with Rita Ora, whom many call a Rihanna twin.

“Rita has never stopped loving Calvin and felt he was hasty splitting up with her and was always swayed by gossip rather than facts,” said a source close to Ora. “She thinks he only dated Taylor Swift because he was on the rebound from her and wants to remind him of everything they had together…”

Steven Tyler confirms Aerosmith farewell tour

Steven Tyler confirmed that Aerosmith is going on a farewell tour in 2017.

Steven Tyler confirmed that Aerosmith is going on a farewell tour in 2017.

“I love this band, I really do, and I want to squash every thought that anybody might have about this: The band’s over,” said Tyler. “We’re doing a farewell tour, but it’s only because it’s time.”

The announcement from Tyler came in an interview with Howard Stern on Tuesday. Stern asked whether Tyler could confirm that he meant “farewell” as in the band would be calling it quits after the tour.

“Yeah,” responded Tyler who added that guitarist, Joe Perry, also knew of the end of the band.

After the announcement, there have been conflicting reports about the breaking up of the group from the manager for Tyler, Rebecca Warfield.

“They are not breaking up. That’s not quite what he said,” said Warfield in an interview with People. “He is still the ultimate frontman for Aerosmith, the greatest American rock band of all time. Aerosmith will always be his first love and nothing will ever take that away.

“He is on fire right now,” continued Warfield. “More energized, brilliant, creative and on-point with focused, poignant passion to bring to his fans and to the world. He has a new album coming out on July 15th called We’re All Somebody From Somewhere and the title track was released [Friday].”

“As far as 2017. Everyone will have to stay tuned as to hear what’s up his sleeve. Steven is taking it up a notch in all his endeavors,” concluded Warfield.